We will be open tomorrow, Thursday March 19th and Friday March 20th. 


We will be open tomorrow, Wednesday March 18th, 2020. Please remember to keep your kids home if they are sick. Thank you! 



We have been notified by ELC that currently there is no mandate for daycare facilities to close. They have asked us to remain open if we are able to do so, in order to accommodate parents who are working still . Our amazing staff have agreed to come in so long as they are able. However, Ms. Iris, Ms. Susan, and Ms. Mia have all been very sick with the flu and have been instructed to remain home by doctors. Therefore Ms. Kenisha will be left in charge and acting director with our assistance over the phone.


It is very important as parents that you monitor your children and keep your child home if they are sick. WE WILL NOT allow drop off for any child if they are coughing, sneezing, have a fever, or have a runny nose. Additionally, if your child is dropped off and we notice they are not well, you will be required to pick them up immediately.


Please respect this policy during this very crucial time. Many parents are angry when they are not allowed to drop off. Please understand, we will not risk the health of the majority. We are trying to keep everyone healthy. If any more of our staff gets sick, we will not be able to remain open and frankly we can never be sure if a sick child or staff member has the Corona virus unless they get tested. So please do not be surprised if your child is not allowed to be dropped off. Make other arrangements now if you know your child is sick. We are only doing our best to keep everyone's best interest at heart.


We will continue to monitor this situation. As for now, we will be open tomorrow, Monday March 16. The status of closures could change at any time. Please continue to follow us on Facebook. We will post our status each evening.

Thank you for your support! .

Ms. Mia

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